Brenda Olmos is a nurse practitioner, clinical instructor, community organizer, and PhD student. She is pursuing a doctoral degree to make a difference in nursing education through representation of Latina nurse leaders. She cares deeply for people, and is connected to a higher purpose of serving others through healthcare and education.

Financially, Brenda invests in index funds and retirement accounts, has two rental properties, and is currently pursuing FIRE while living on a scholarship stipend! She is passionate about helping people with their finances so they can feel confident about their present and future.

In her free time, Brenda is on staff for her two cats, Socks and Button. She likes to spend time with her family, train for 10K races, travel with her boyfriend, and listen to other money podcasts.

Amber Porter is a practicing attorney with over seven years of legal experience. In her career, she has had the opportunity to practice criminal law, federal civil rights, civil litigation, administrative law, estate planning, and ethics and fiscal law.

Financially, Amber invests in ETFs, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds and Retirement Accounts. She is also currently pursuing FIRE! She is passionate about helping people with their finances so that the racial wealth gap can be closed and people living in poverty can obtain a more financially secure lifestyle.

In her free time, Amber writes books on how to avoid college debt and build wealth. Amber likes to travel, eat sushi and Mexican food and go to the spa.